Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Sometimes, writing is just an impulse,
an escape from our own souls,
our fears, our unachievable goals
that we tend to set so often.

It almost feels like hands have a minds of its own
and mine wants to make that clear,
maybe to let you know what happened
in case she is planning to rule me over.

I want to write more often
I want to set my mind free
free of every rule there is in this world
and let her express in wich ever way she wants to.

I want to write about the sunset,
about the children,
about the love and hate
that struggles inside me,
without being judge.

I want to write about people,
about those that believe in me
and encourage me to follow my heart,
and also about those that don't have anything better to do
than talk about me, not even knowing if those things they say
are true.

I want to write about happiness,
and angryness,
I want to write about boredom
And things that only exist in my head...

I'll live in my cloud
and let my hand write...
of everything she wants...


Monday, December 01, 2008

Situaciones extrañas de Superhéroes

Super: Alguien me puede explicar este paso?

Batichica: buej.. eso e coro interno entre la mujer maravilla y yo ..

well.. el otro dia en el work estaba super aburrida...
si, tenía cosas que hacer, pero realmente no taba en eso..
así que, me puse a hablar con los super amigos que estaban de visita
en mi escritorio.. y a tomarles
fotos en sus situaciones cotidianas..
Para ver el set entero.. pueden darle click a situaciones extrañas de superhéroes, la verdad que tan foni.

no longer friends by hamish

omaigá .. esto fue otra cosita que me encontré en i love typoghaphy y hecho por hamish..
pero me dio tanta risaaaaaaaa.. pq i can almost hear their little voices!!!
buajajjaaj .. enjoy